While GPS units are generally accurate, sometimes they just don’t catch everything, especially in small mountain towns like Franklin.

Please note that we are on a street with 2 different access points, but one of them does not connect (the bridge is out) and you will end in a very tight and precarious situation if you listen to your GPS. Others before have proven this point, so don’t follow the herd!

don’t follow the herd

PROPER DIRECTIONS:  (You Must enter from Phillips Street to Heritage Hollow Drive)


When you enter Franklin, you will be going on one of 2 one-way streets, Main or Palmer.

Always go from From E. Palmer St. or W. Main St. to PHILLIPS. ST.


HERITAGE HOLLOW DR. (It’s a narrow entrance).

Turn Right, go down the street, past the first building to the 2nd driveway on right.

You will see our sign, Downtown RV Park

You’ve arrived. Please check-in with the host.